The building blocks on how Garden works with CSS components.


To make it easier to work with box-sizing properties, Garden uses the box-sizing global inherit method, as described below.

html {
  box-sizing: border-box;

*::after {
  box-sizing: inherit;

This reset method gives you more flexibility since you can use another value of box-sizing without worrying about having your CSS overriden.

Default styles

Garden provides some default styles for several tags, such as: h1-6, p, strong, b, em, i, u, and a.
Check our typography section for more details.


In order to preserve a linear cross-browser behavior, Garden uses normalize.css.


Garden uses PostCSS Simple Vars plugins to work with variables.

Overriding default variables

Here is a relation of default values for the variables exposed by the simple-vars plugin:

  "color-text": "#333333",
  "color-neutral": "#ffffff",
  "color-black": "#000000",
  "color-warning": "#fae800",
  "color-warning-light": "#fffccf",
  "color-danger": "#ed1c24",
  "color-success": "#72bf44",

  "color-default": "#a6a6a6",
  "color-default-dark": "#666666",
  "color-default-darker": "#333333",
  "color-default-light": "#e5e5e5",
  "color-default-lighter": "#f8f8f8",

  "color-primary": "#72bf44",
  "color-primary-dark": "#397615",
  "color-primary-light": "#cae4b8",
  "color-primary-lighter": "#f1f8ec",

  "color-secondary": "#bada2e",

  "color-promotional": "#fae800",
  "color-text-promotional": "#ed1c24",

  "default-font-size": "16px",
  "default-font-family": "Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif",

  "panel-height": "165px",
  "panel-large-height": "335px",

  "breakpoint-xs": "480px",
  "breakpoint-sm": "768px",
  "breakpoint-md": "960px",
  "breakpoint-lg": "1120px",
  "breakpoint-xl": "1280px",

  "columns": "12",
  "gutter-width": "20px",
  "grid-limit": "980px",

  "index-rear": "-1",
  "index-base": "0",
  "index-front": "10",
  "index-ahead": "100",
  "index-foremost": "9999"


To set your own default values, you can provide a configuration file, or override the variables during compilation time:

  /* your css */

  $color-primary: #ffffff;

  @import "garden/src/css/garden.css";